I’ve always possessed an innate curiosity about people—the way people live their lives, the paths they take and don’t take, what calls to them, and how they interact with their surroundings. I'm captivated with human connection and believe that beauty exists in the ordinary, authentic and true.

In practice, I photograph people and their creative and living spaces with honesty and artistry, shining light on their most essential human qualities. I work with compassion and presence so that people can feel comfortable in their vulnerability, and their power.

Ultimately, I strive to Capture a person’s true essence—moments beyond the flesh—understanding that the intangible part of one’s being is their ultimate advantage, rather than portraying them as something they are not. Sharing this truth ignites me more than most things, as does telling stories about people and places that reveal them—to themselves and others—as they truly are.

At the most vital level, photography is the way that I choose to connect, communicate and share with the world.