Space —

Feeling burnt out, perpetually tired, or like your life is like a never ending to-do list that you can never finish?

Space sessions are designed to help you create more room to breathe & be, and truly enjoy the life you are living. My goal with these sessions are to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your desires, support your growth, and encourage the visions of the life you want to create and live. We will work together to assess aspects of your life, identify the places your current time and energy is going, and collaborate to develop an aligned plan of action that will help you move toward a more spacious and free life.

Space sessions include: a questionnaire to be answered prior to your session to help me get to know you better, one hour of guidance via Zoom, a personalized list of action steps to take following the session, and a list of tools/resources to help you further your personal growth and development with creating space in your life.

Session requirements: curiosity, an open mind, and a desire to grow