Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig is a textile love story based in Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. Founded in 2009 by Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, the designers set out to create a season-less women's collection crafted from custom loomed, exceptionally soft, natural yarn-dyed textiles.

Community Quilt Event

In keeping with their commitment to being a no waste company, Ace & Jig sent leftover scraps of their custom yarn dye woven fabrics to hundreds of people who signed up to participate and each created their own unique quilt square -- over 450 quilt squares were made! From these 450+ squares, they created 13 jumbo community quilts. Each one highlights their incredible community and the hundreds of textiles they've brought to life since Ace & Jig began. The quilts were on exhibition at Brookfield Place in New York City.

From all who signed up and participated, they were able to donate 100 night night bags to Project Night Night, a non-profit organization that gives out comforting night bags to children experiencing homelessness, which include a tote bag, a blanket, age-appropriate book, and stuffed animal.